The Birth of Yoga’s Narrative

“Fantasy. Lunacy.
All revolutions are, until they happen, then they are historical inevitabilities.”
― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas


The Narrative of Yoga

Is there a narrative of modern yoga? Most yogis have no idea about yogic philosophy or care to do any of the limbs other than asana.

We have settled to be a workout program instead of ascending to the level of other major worldviews.

Yoga is one of the strongest transformation systems in the world. So why limit ourselves to fuse with corporations that exploit us for how our body bends?

Yoga has a limitless potential when it stands on the shoulders of the greatest ontological, metaphysical, epistemology deconstructionist, socialist, libertarian, and new age philosophy.

Where is the fusion with Martin Heidegger, Kant, Nietzsche, Spinoza, Baudrillard, Derrida, Foucault, or John Locke?

Instead of supporting gurus who need 100% allegiance


Instead of going to retreats, why not create a permanent retreat in our city?

Where are the bookshelves in yoga studios?

Where are the white boards in yoga studios filled with knowledge?

Are we just searching for bliss?

My higher purpose in yoga is not very sexy, popular, or trendy.

Every yoga social media feed is very sexy, trendy, and blissful.

Who actually lives like that though?

Less than .1 percent of people who do yoga live that beautiful life.

Our support in that perfect lifestyle shows that our yoga practice is not based on higher consciousness and truth, but on the want to continue corporations consumerist image.

Do any of us really need that?

Yoga is powerful. However, it is littered with inactivity against the casual factors of real-world problems. What is the point of power if we don’t use it for the ultimate good?

If you feel so good – then why run?

If you feel so empowered – then why not empower others?

If you feel so liberated – then why not liberate the world?

My primary focus with Savvy Zen is the story of yoga. 

Different perspectives, voices, and characters in the narrative will show the greatest strengths and short comings of yoga. This endeavor has not been attempted yet.

Religious yoga texts force us to think that physical postures, breath work, and meditation are the totality of yoga. Where would Christianity be with Paradise Lost, Faust, or the Divine Comedy?

That is where yoga is now, and our Catholic church is the narratives of what is normal in yoga studios and on social media.

Yoga has no limits. Yoga is family, solitude, and the ether all at once.

Savvy Zen through the power of yoga has no limits either.

I am going to pour 100% of my creativity into my novel, poems, this website, and into putting out positive energy to the world.

The vision I had for Savvy Zen for the last two years is about to manifest.

It’s time for me to get writing.