Yoga’s Fake Global Awakening

Have you heard or talked about the global awakening occurring right now?

Standing on the shoulders of new-(c)age thought, influential members of the yoga community for the last decade have started to push the idea of the “mass awakening.”

The individuals pushing this aren’t interested in a “mass awakening”. They are using evolution as a marketing technique to create a sense of safety and community. If they were, they would perform a psycho-analytical breakdown of the globe’s consciousness. Realizing we are light years away from a mass awakening, they would offer solutions to bridge the gap between unawakened and awakened.

However, helping mend that divide would ruin their business plan, which targets our primal instincts. At the end of their sales funnel sits a small digital or physical community that exists as a small selective echo chamber of spiritual individuals. These individuals’ end goal is to delete low vibration people, situations, news, and feelings in their experience of reality. By following people only in their circle, living in progressive communities, and engaging in consciousness-raising activities such as yoga, meditation, pranayama, and nature bathing, they accomplish that goal.

But, what about the mass awakening?


Searching for an Accurate Perception of Reality


To achieve an accurate perception of reality, which should be one of the highest goals of yoga and magick, requires an adept to examine all aspects of the energetic collective consciousness we are all stuck in.

A study by the University of Hawaii concluded that 169 million innocent people died in the 20th century from governments. Tens of millions more coerced soldiers can also be added to that list.

The first step toward awakening is the end of assault and theft on other humans, and then expanding that outward to animals and the planet. Looking at those numbers and history, it’s obvious the belief in government, authority, and hierarchy leads to assault and theft.

Is the world moving toward or away from authority and hierarchy? Modern weaponry and surveillance make it easier than ever to kill people. Big tech’s ability to data collect, spy and influence culture grants the intelligence community unimaginable power. The rise of corporations shows how malignant hierarchical structures can enslave millions of workers to purposeless work.


The yoga community’s solutions are non-existent or to vote for politicians, who are agents of the same system that killed over 200 million people in 100 years.

Do you have trouble holding yourself back from assaulting or hurting other people? How hard is it every day to not assault or steal from people? While doing yoga, do you feel the need to control people and the world around you? If no, why believe in government at all? Please don’t give me the lesser of two evils argument… You are not an idiot. The ability to create a world where we provide food, clothes, and shelter to all while not assaulting or stealing from each other is so easy.

We need to start seeing where we stand right now through knowledge, walking away from what promotes violence through courage, and using our intuition and love to create new holistic systems. Posting asana photos to Facebook-owned Instagram, posting vlogs to Google-owned YouTube, and expecting everything to happen on its own won’t kick off the mass awakening.

The existence of police or military prevents a mass awakening. Mandatory taxation through the threat of violence prevents a mass awakening (you can’t have mandatory taxation to fund social welfare systems if you don’t have a police force to enforce it). Both go hand in hand. Promoting democracies where some individuals have the moral right to rule over others prevents a mass awakening… Most of all, the lack of interest in self-education and the cowardice to stand up against hierarchy prevents a mass awakening.



The Actual Numbers of the Mass Awakening


A quick Google search will tell you 6.7 out of the world’s 7.8 billion total population adhere to a major world religion.

The baggage, narratives, and programming that religions bring are detrimental to the cause of promoting a world of non-violence. Exclusionary philosophies about ascension/heaven create an Us VS Them mentality, believing in most religious stories shows the willingness to enter cognitive dissonance, and the guilt/shame programming enacted by all religions manifests deep repression which can lead to violence. More posts will be dedicated to deconstructing religion, but just know that people who believe in a He-God in the sky aren’t going to be kicking off the mass awakening.

The 1.1 billion not adherent individuals include atheists, agnostics, and people who don’t identify or care about religion. The atheists aren’t going to help a real mass awakening, and anyone who identifies as agnostic doesn’t even know what they believe, so they aren’t going to help. How many people are we left with then to kick off this mass awakening. A super super generous amount would be a couple hundred million spiritual individuals.

Let’s say all 300 hundred million are “awakened.” How many of them are taking real world concrete action to awaken the world? Individuals creating art and gathering the influence major world religions have. There are a ton of people taking action, but most of it seems to promote sales funnels, entering into hierarchical groups, or the act of ignoring the negativity and problems of the world.

Looking at the numbers, I would estimate there are under a 100,000 people in the world who’ve attained spiritual alignment, are educated enough to dissolve hierarchy and provide new solutions, aren’t in it for the money, and have the courage to take action.

Our current reality is 100,000 awakened individuals stretched out across the globe, who have no contact with each other, have no game plan, and are starting from near ground zero in a fight against big tech, religions, and government.

Yeah, I see the mass awakening coming soon…



A Quick Test for the Haters


If you believe we are progressing, go to your local grocery store, bar, or other public space with ordinary everyday individuals that are genuinely random and ask.

“What are your favorite books?”

“How could the world live in peace without government, militaries, and police forces?”

“What are your favorite spiritual modalities you practice daily to help progress toward higher consciousness?”

“What do you know beyond the basic level about the occult, philosophy, psychology, yoga, anarchism, and nature?”
“How long do you spend in nature each week?”

Wait, first, ask yourself these questions? Do you believe that individual humans have the moral authority to rule over other humans, animals, and the planet through violence?

Maybe 1 out of 100 people may be able to answer one of those questions at an acceptable level. 1 out of 1000 may have concrete answers that signal a holistic, knowledgeable, and awakened human being.

1 in 100,000-1,000,000 will be able to answer all those questions off the top of their head with answers that don’t promote more control and have a personal website or physical studio where they share their interpretation of this knowledge free to the masses.

Seven billion divided by 100,000 leaves you with 70,000 people, near the number estimated above in the calculations.

Are you apart of the 100,000? Or are you cruising through life or ignoring certain information to play a particular character? Guess what! Spreading this information will hurt your business, cause you to lose friends, and not help you win any popularity contests. But, through love and light, you can spread this information in a unique way that the other 100,000 can’t. There are many options to lean into this, and the best thing you can do is start!

Reading, spending time in nature, reflection, and learning the tech skills to spread this information are easy ways to start! The mass awakening isn’t happening today, but a mass awakening could become a reality with a big push.
People don’t want to live a life of pain (body), ignorance (mind), and confusion (soul).

They want movement systems to make them feel better, information to provide more clarity on the world and an understanding of the earth’s oneness. However, their religion, government, and upbringing never even let them know it exists. We can give them that choice, and when it’s in front of them, and they taste it, they will want to keep eating and tell everyone they know about it.