The Ressurection of Savvy Zen

One year of nothing. Savvy Zen was another dead yoga website.

All the promises of new books, podcasts, blog posts and videos were broken.

I failed myself and resisted my creativity. The lessons I had to learn while stagnant were beautiful though. Lessons that redefined my definition and perception of love, life and my own inner struggles.

I love this website, yoga, nature, knowledge, writing and everything surrounding spirituality in general. I will never say yes to any incompatibility that holds me back from doing what I love.

In time I will find clarity on why the universe pushed this break on me.

I hope any fans or readers who lost access to parts of this site they loved forgive me for letting this website decay.


What is Next For Savvy Zen?

In my year off a lot has happened in yoga. Many ideas have come to my head for this website, and luckily I wrote most of them down.

My first step for Savvy Zen is to rebuild. The front page and other basic pages need a total revamping. My old page builder shut down, so I upgraded to a great service called Beaver Builder. In the next week, every page on the whole website will be re-done.

Many posts on Savvy Zen will be rewritten. Some are a year old and still need to be released.



New Categories:

I am re-doing the category section, to help clarify the new vision of Savvy Zen.

In the coming month of July, I will create an introduction post or magnum opus post on each of these categories.

Conscious Yoga Philosophy

Music for Yoga

Spinal Movements — QiQong

Yoga Book Reviews 

Biohacking Yoga

Mindful Ashtanga

Strength Training for Yoga — Kettlebells for Yoga

Creative Writing for Yoga

Free Yoga E-Books

Free Yoga Classes


New Podcast:

In the coming month or two I will be releasing a new podcast. It will occur weekly and focus on clarity, truth and the evolution of Yoga. The area of growth I want to explore from my previous podcast, is to have guests on and try to engage with them in unique conversations.

Free Yoga Classes:

I will continue to release new Yoga classes on my YouTube channel. Many of them will be focused on very specific things. Such as Yin Yoga for flexibility or Yoga for emotional mastery. Excited to explore this aspect and become more active in recording and releasing classes.

Free eBooks:

Many free eBooks will be released on Savvy Zen in the coming months on a variety of topics. This is the area I am most excited about!


In my time away from Savvy Zen I have been working on a novel and poetry book. They have been going great! In the coming months I will create a new writing website for them. In 2019 I will publish a book on yoga. More on that later though!

Video Courses:

Before the end of 2018 I plan to have a free and paid video course on certain yoga topics up. Super excited about where this can go. I’ve upgraded my camera and microphone and excited to experiment with a free project first!


No more holding back! Time to get writing and doing yoga!