The Malignant Destiny of the Guru

The Destiny of the Guru


Stagnation and devolution are the Malignant Destiny of the Guru. Forever a warden of information for personal gain, the guru mentality remains guilty for perpetuating the caste system, restricting non-initiates or westerners from information, countless sexual assault scandals, addictions, deaths, and worst of all setting the axiomatic base for modern yoga’s purpose to be a simulacra status game played on your black glowing slab.

Terabytes of free books, videos, and yoga courses are available for anyone with a computer, internet access, and a BitTorrent client. Just a couple clicks away, the power to destroy cults, yoga drone corporations/influencers, and the devolution of yoga exists.

The outright refusal in the community to seek that knowledge out, digest it, teach it, spread it to others signal ignorance, control issues, or a lack of intelligence. The Guru, yoga corporation, and yoga-lebrities destinies will be forever malignant, as their whole existence rests upon the choke holding of yoga’s infinite knowledge. We’ve hit a point where most of yoga’s 300 million participants are creating a beautiful feeling in their heart but helping conjure a control system laid out to exploit their pre-determined needs.

The enlightened class of gurus, influencers, and corporations so concerned about “helping others” are holding us back. If they cared, every top yoga teacher could record all their knowledge within a month, and give it away for free online. By next month, every yoga studio could be donation-based and open to impoverished individuals.

That won’t happen because the digital nomad lifestyle on tropical islands, maintaining healthy boundaries for anyone that doesn’t agree with super-ego projections, and not letting your students become self-sufficient yogis remain much more important! So much more important than helping the masses awaken. Better yet, why not claim there is a mass new (c)-age awakening happening to get the zombies riled up?

The only relationships you should every engage in are non-hierarchical relationships where no projection or manipulation occurs. Yoga teachers and gurus regurgitating the same information you can find online or from a trusted friend for free, enable the possibility for every malignant scenario we’ve seen in the yoga world to manifest.

Most sexual assault scandals, yoga cults, and hip/knee replacements could be prevented if we dared not just to digest and learn information, but spread it widely to everyone we know.
How much Guerrilla Open Access happens in yoga? Have you ever been given a USB drive with hundreds of books, DVDs, and courses by your local yoga teacher after class? How about a Zine or webpage of memes about perverts like Pattabhi Jois?


Yoga’s Self Esteem Problem


Broken self-esteem remains the axiomatic energy gurus, influencers, and yoga corporations use to draw us in.
Social media, political polarization, and a lack of connection with the subconscious and nature create psychic voids in our soul. Most of those voids fill with psychic emotions/energy/information automatically through our subconscious.

Instead of filling the voids created by social media with nature, love, literature, and friendship, we fill it with more social media fantasies that play in our brain as we scroll. We are continuing to love our abuser every single day! Every single scroll! You fall deeper into a cycle of abuse every single time you think about

Your frozen city will never be good enough! Bali, Goa, Cali, Flordia, and South America are where you need to be.

The pain you feel in your body, mind, and heart can be solved with these yoga techniques.

A deep sadness that your body doesn’t look like that photoshopped twenty year old on a beach in Costa Rica.

Instagram boasts a team of the best marketers, psychologists, copywriters, and artists in the world who are hired to trap you in loops of negative self-talk. Influencers become influencers through a conscious intention to exploit your sensitive, emotional soul with a lifestyle and products that you can’t have! We are broken down through repetitive programming until our fractured psychic body reaches out for anything that will help us feel good.

What is left for most of us?
Social media.

How often do you hang out with friends? Are they conscious spiritual human beings who know as much or more than you about the occult, yoga, politics, literature, and science?

When was the last time you had great sex?

Do you have sacred reciprocity with nature?

How many hard books do you read a year?

Let’s look at our collective media consumption. How many mindless asana photos, photos with quotes, pictures with a dumb 1-3 line blurb, clothed or blurred yoga porn photos on Instagram, soulless posts about mental health, and repetitive information about any aspect of yoga have you seen in 2020?

Too much. Way too much. So much information that your subconscious won’t be done sorting out your fractured soul for years.



Smart Phone Yoga and the Guru


The smartphones’ invention started a slow decline in our ability to find positive and wholesome information online that could fill those psychic fractures. Reducing our ability to learn to nothing, we think, absorbing information on a little smartphone screen while multitasking will change your life. Silent contemplation of information on a large screen in an empty room is the only way to digest information truly. Every guru, yoga-lebrity, malignant yoga teacher, and yoga corporation wants to prevent you from sitting in a room alone with a 28-inch screen and reading great books from all genres.

How will you read “The Origin of Consciousness In the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” on Instagram? Would anyone as smart as Julian Jaynes get on Instagram to project their super-ego and affiliate market?

Do you have the willpower or brainpower to read philosophy, psychology, and critical theory? How about you start with Julian Jaynes, Otto Rank, Wilhelm Reich, Carl Jung, and “The Guru Papers!”
Wait, don’t even start if you aren’t committed to creating a personal website and resharing all that information in a unique way when you’re done. Sure, you’ll be the smart person in your circle and impress dating prospects, but holding on to information that can change the world makes you no better than the guru.

The fear of losing profits kills so many great yoga teachers’ courage from confronting the malignant aspects of philosophy entering yoga. As a holistic post-anarchist, the amount of malignant trash philosophy circling yoga astounds me! If you’ve had a spiritual liberation how can you call for systems based in control, government, money, and slavery. This type of thinking stems from the same thought patterns that drive gurus, influencers, and yoga corporations.



Breaking the Guru Cycle


Your creative potential alone can destroy any power gurus, influencers, and yoga corporations hold. One piece of art from you could change the whole consciousness of yoga. All throughout history sole individuals changed whole religions, cultures, philosophies, and governments with one creative piece of work. Even if you aren’t going to be the next Karl Marx, you can help lay the foundation for a group to change the world, or help open the door for that one individual that will take the next step.

Without Giovanni Boccaccio there would be no Chaucer. Without Chaucer, Shakespeare wouldn’t be able to create the most memorable characters in history. Without Shakespeare, literature would look much different today!

It doesn’t matter if you are the one to reach the end of the path or help forge the path. The end of suffering through sharing yoga’s power has to be the number one goal.

I want to see you create conscious content in a physical or digital format off social media. Your soul needs it. We need it. Start small if you need to, and mold information from OG thinkers you are researching to uplift a specific community such as yoga.

Let’s take the third path together. Side by side as friends. Far away from the path away guru worship, reclusiveness, hippie positivity framing, and anti-knowledge groups/mindsets.

Far away from the path of sexy Instagram shots, yoga corporations influence, profit mongering, and the withholding of information.

The third path full of uncopyrighted material, a perseverance to spread knowledge, surrendering the need to control others, and an unlimited love that will break through any darkness.