Self-Imagine a New Yoga

How does yoga imagine itself?

What actions or standards create the representation of a yogi?

Is everyone who stretches, breaths and meditates a yogi?

What level of flexibility do I need?

Do I need to have long hair, call myself a hippie and go to India to study with a guru?

Or wear trendy brands, focus on social media and have a beautiful body?

How yoga imagines itself today, is what it will become in the future. 

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Yoga Beyond Structures

Can you imagine yoga changing the world?

Do you still have limiting beliefs that the world will never change?

Yoga and spirituality right now are focused on the enlightenment of the individual. I like to call it the “my enlightenment” movement. We love to feel good and connect to deeper levels of consciousness. However, what about the movement to create global enlightenment?

The structure of yoga right now is too limited for global enlightenment. Our leaders are self-imagining a world where we put social media status, flexibility, who your guru is and handstands as a standard.

Yoga will only get more of what energy it gives

Our leaders need to be visionaries, who look to other movements and individuals as examples.

Where is Yoga’s, Walt Disney? 

Where is Yoga’s, Steve Jobs?

Where is Yoga’s, Andy Warhol? 

Walt Disney brought his drawings global, then turned his tv shows into a real-life theme park.

Are we anywhere close with yoga’s equivalent?

Is our greatest innovation in modern yoga the Cody app, Instagram marketing, and Omstars?

Are our greatest yoga visionaries upgraded versions of their teachers or those who came before them?

What yogis have defied all previous norms and transcended structure and system? 

Is that not what yoga is about?

Krishnamacharya is one that comes to mind. Without one man synthesizing yoga with the west into his unique system, yoga is a sliver of what it is today.

We fill history books with stories of yogis who moved beyond structure and pushed yoga to a whole new level. How our modern yogis pushing the philosophical, spiritual and creative structures of yoga?

Where are the stories of yogis living in the woods or caves dying to be alone to focus on their practice? The legendary epic stories I love to read! The only stories in modern yoga are Instagram stories!

The New Story of Yoga

We are not the characters in yoga. Every one of us is an author of the future of yoga. Yoga is action. However, most of the action taken in the community is toward more yoga. Action in the real world and internally is minimal.

I self-imagine a yoga where other styles of movement flow into yoga practices.

I self-imagine a yoga where all yogis practice non-violent communication, psychology, and personal therapy.

I self-imagine a yoga where autonomous individuals co-create ideas as equals and create a community with no hierarchy.

I self-imagine a yoga where stillness, clarity, and action are the values every yogi lives for.

What story do you imagine?