LSD and Yoga: Complete Guide

LSD and yoga. Yoga and acid. Morning coffee and yoga. Some things just go together… Existing in obscurity or weird social pockets, the yoga community’s relationship with LSD remains troubled, as psychedelics are one of the most misused personal development tools in existence. Mirroring the 1960’s, one group in yoga engages in polemic attacks on drug users and reverts to pseudo-moralistic arguments about the shortcomings of taking the drug shortcut. On the other side of the dialectic, yogis taking drugs unravel a whole new reality but poison that reality with their reborn superego, who still takes no concrete action to create real change in the world.

Having practiced yoga for 14 years and having done hundreds of yoga practices on LSD, I am here to tell you there is no better way to create instant spiritual experiences. There are dangers and shortcomings to this method (explained below), and nothing can beat a consistent daily sadhana practice for long-term development. However, unless you plan to live in total isolation from society, do month-long fasts, and renounce all attachments, good luck trying to manifest your full spiritual potential while sober…

What will be explained in this article

1. Three dangers for yogis while taking LSD
2. Why LSD is better than other psychedelics for yoga
3. How to take LSD for yoga, and the ABSOLUTE requirement of creating a powerful intention for the trip
4. What you will experience – Dosing Breakdown

5. Inaction and yoga

6. Response to the doubters, haters, and cowards


Dangers of LSD and Yoga 


There are three dangers when a yogi takes LSD. All will be explained in further detail later in the article.

1. They become more of their same passive self. Psychedelics are entheogens that create a hyper-suggestible reality, where the user opens up to their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual environment. Thus, unless they perform a ritual to connect with ethereal extraterrestrial energy, what they experience will be an enhanced version of their current reality. That current reality is the “My Enlightenment” movement, which is based solely on attaining enlightenment for personal, financial, or status reasons. Rocking the boat, dissolving the hierarchical structures in yoga, and using yoga’s power to kick off a global revolution is not on the agenda for these yogis. Also, all the LSD in the world won’t help teach you critical thinking skills, put the information required to start a revolution in your head, or build the communication skills necessary to create that movement.

The 1960’s counterculture movement is a beautiful example of this. Three hundred thousand people showed up at Woodstock, to protest the Vietnam War. However, the Vietnam war raged on for years, and the hippie movement went back to inaction or the corporate world. If 30,000 out of those 300,000 showed up at the White House with guns to protest, the war would have ended that same day. What did the 60’s movement we glorify so much produce?

2. They have exposed a new reality, which will force them to question their job, relationships, thought patterns, movement patterns, sex life patterns, and life purpose. When resisted, these changes can create neurosis in the individual, as rejecting a truth your soul knows is the worst thing you can do! If you don’t enter this space with total courage, a warrior’s spirit, and a powerful intention, you won’t manifest the stature to live your new reality.

3. Becoming too attached to the experience. Yes, LSD and yoga will blow your mind, astrally project you into portals that you aren’t going to during vinyasa flow class, and make orgasms feel like the totality of the universe… But, drug use is best used for specific purposes. In the ancient world, recreational psychedelic use didn’t exist. Psychedelics were used for healing, initiation rituals, or to prepare for death. Not until communities in Mexico saw an opportunity to commercialize mushrooms in the ’50s and ’60s, did the My Enlightenment yuppies start to ruin the psychedelic’s purpose


Why LSD is the King entheogen for Yoga 


It is 100% possible to yoga on weed, mushrooms, DMT, ayahuasca, designer psychedelics, MDMA, mescaline, and 2-CB (articles on all of these will drop in 2021). I’ve done yoga on all of them haha, but acid is the king of creating an experience where your body feels okay to do asana, pranayama, and meditation. Marijuana for instance, feels great to be on while doing yoga, but the ability to astrally project and hit other dimensions while doing your practice doesn’t compare. On ayahuasca, you can play in any dimension you want, but your body, most of the time, feels too nauseated, sedated, and loopy to perform advanced asana or pranayama. LSD is the middle path, where a yogi can take multiple hits and have a 100% visual hallucination while still maintaining the lucidity to open the body in a safely

If you agree or disagree, send me a message with your experiences with certain drugs while doing yoga, and I’d be happy to take those into account in future posts 🙂

How to Take LSD for Yoga 


My first recommendation for taking LSD while doing yoga, is to make sure the first time you attempt it you are alone. Taking hot power flow 2 at your yoga studio for your first time is a TERRIBLE idea. I wouldn’t step near a yoga studio until you’ve had at least 25-50 trips and dealt with public situations before while tripping. The fewer decisions you have to make the better.

If you’ve never taken acid or a psychedelic before, I would recommend taking it alone in your house or out in nature. Trip buddies can be helpful but aren’t necessary because you aren’t going to die, you don’t need to go to a hospital, and every experience on drugs good, or bad, is impermanent.

Once the acid hits, just free flow with the moments your body wants. It’s that simple! For beginners, trying to do an Ashtanga, Iyengar, or other set sequences can be detrimental. Those are meant to create a certain experience that may not be what your body needs in the exploratory phase. Once you are ready, I’ve found that set kundalini sequences and Ashtanga Primary Series can rip open the soul like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. I accepted the power of ashtanga only after I did it on a heavy acid dose, as I realized that every day when I did it, I was experiencing a more toned down energetic experience.

As always, honor the movement, and keep flowing with the energy waves that come into your soul. Nothing can compare…

I like to fast for the entire day, and take a LSD with MCT oil two hours before sunset in nature. The solitude will help you hold a strong intention for your trip, and feel comfortable moving and feeling a way you’ve never felt before. The magical nature of sunset, combined with the peak of the drug, will help you tap into not just your highest yoga practice, but the higher energies of nature surrounding yoga. After it gets dark, taking a nice walk for an hour or two, listening to music, meditating, journaling, or laying down are awesome ways to ride out the trip. You can also smoke weed at any point during this.



Acid Dosing Breakdown


Less than 100 ug: Why are you being a pansy?? This is Silicon Valley micro-dosing hour at Google. YOU ARE TRYING TO GO DEEP.

100 ug: Typical dose of acid. You will have 100% control of your body, and will be able to handle social situations in an awkward but passable manner. At this level, you can do a full sequence and feel your body and soul rip open.

200 ug: You will have 100% control of your body, but will start to slip more into the shadow realm if you hold poses. For a challenge, hold a headstand for a couple minutes and see what happens 🙂

300 ug: 75% control of your body, as your pain tolerance will start to fall closer to zero. Expect to be zoning out, needing to lay down, and don’t go to any yoga classes or social situations at 300+

400 ug: 50% control of your body, take it easy and don’t do anything too advanced or crazy. Standing and restorative poses are your best bet here.

500 ug: Welcome to the shadow realm. Good luck souljah, send me a message with your experience


Intention Setting 


The axiomatic root of most “bad trips” is having no intention or a weak intention before your trip. Taking psychedelics recreationally will burn you. Polarity, rhythm, and cause and effect exist in the universe, and taking psychedelics for fun, to try them out, or to see some trippy shit will end badly. You may get away with it for five or ten trips, but eventually, you will experience a physical, mental, or emotional pain you didn’t know was possible.

A key to avoiding this is creating a powerful roadmap for the transformation you wish to experience. A psychedelic trip is a co-creative experience where you and the psychedelic work together to achieve an energetic flow. However, if you don’t intend, or want to get ripped, you will be overpowered by the substance and taken on either a good trip or a bad trip. Even worse, without an intention, you won’t be prepared to surrender to the psychedelic when it does take you to murky waters, as it’s an integral part of substance to take you there. Proper preparation prevents poor performance while on psychedelics.

I’ve found that broader intentions work better. One of my favorites for yoga is

“In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend to co-create a flowing and beautiful experience while practicing asana, which will create a deeper connection to my body and soul.”

That’s a good baseline, but I usually like to add and feel how this experience will help others. Once again, if you move away from worrying about your enlightenment and also worry about helping others, you’ll experience the full light and darkness of LSD. This manifests a safe and purposeful environment where even if things get rough, you know there is a deeper underlying reason why that situation is coming up.

The Experience of LSD and Yoga


Love, oneness, higher knowledge, flow, and connection are the best buzz words to describe how doing LSD on yoga feels.

1. Make sure not to push too hard while doing LSD and advanced asanas, as your pain tolerance will be dropped significantly, and you could maybe micro-tear a hamstring or shoulder muscle while going too hard. Standing poses while either static, or while flowing and improving are almost risk free ways for beginners to practice. While standing, your legs are active, most poses don’t require you to pull with your hands, and there is little to no risk of upper-body injury. While doing seating poses, the legs are less stable, a ton of poses require a pulling motion, and binds, twists, handstands, and inversions open the possibility up for upper-body injury. Take precaution, and don’t do anything you wouldn’t while sober!

2. Play some awesome music while you’re practicing. For yoga music, I would recommend the album “Call of t

he Mystic” by Maneesh De Moor, “Shanti” by Zakair Hussain and John McLaughlin, and “Mandala” by Osamu Kitajima. Classic rock is a good choice if you want to really trip, and I recommend Led Zeppelin’s live album “How the West Was Won,” and “Animals and Wish you Were Here” by Pink Floyd. To get really trippy with classic rock, more obscure albums are “Tales of Mystery and Imagination” by Alan Parsons Project, and  “The Inner Mounting Flame” and “Between Nothingness and Eternity” by Mahavishnu Orchestra. For ambient music, any album by Carbon Based Lifeforms or Solar Fields won’t steer you wrong. For those who love rap, “Control System” and “Do What Thout Wilt” by Ab Soul, anything by Spxtrm, D’rok the Menace, and Cambatta (LSD album) are good choices.

3.  To experience the full power of LSD, you’ll need to detach as much as you can from this reality, your body, mind, and identity. Use all of your training in yoga and meditation to accomplish this, as it will open the gateway to astral projection, multi-dimensional travel/exploration, and a body high like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!

4. Environment is important, make sure there aren’t any bright LED lights, dumb people, loud noises, or distractions around you while trying to get into the flow state. Essential oils, low lighting, music, and a safe place are required for the flower of higher consciousness to bloom.

5. What you feel will be unique to yourself. Words can’t describe psychedelics, and the patterns, connections, syoncroncities, images, visuals, emotions, and manifestations you experience will be all your own. I’ll describe my trips in narrative form in future posts, but until then, be confident in who you are, respect higher consciousness, and LSD will treat you fine. 


Creating the Egoless Yogi


In 1980, John Lennon said in an interview that “We must always remember to thank the CIA and the Army for LSD. That’s what people forget. Everything is the opposite of what it is, isn’t it, Harry? So get out the bottle, boy — and relax. They invented LSD to control people and what they did was give us freedom.”  Freedom for who though? Those who have the willpower to create not just their own reality, but a life where they use their new found power to help others. I will dive into the details about LSD as a tool for government control at a later time, but in this article I’d like to focus on yogis who have taken LSD.

Guru fever, simulacra yogis on Instagram, hippies not doing shit, and the yoga snobs are the direct manifestation of yoga’s consciousness in 2020. What have the yogis who have done yoga and LSD done for us so far? Nothing! They have lived in a land of bliss, and have no websites, books, Ted talks, protests, and any tangible results to show for all their revelations. Living in the woods, going to festivals, and talking shop is fun, but those lifestyles are only helping yoga corporations thrive.

Taking heroic doses of psychedelics can delete programming, but when done too much the good aspects of the ego also get thrown out with the bad. This results the 1000 yard stare yogis, advanced yogis with no intellectual knowledge to implement a revolution in consciousness, and yogis who are addicted to pleasure. An addiction to pleasure and freedom makes it hard to sit down for 30 hours a week and read hard philosophical texts, it makes it hard to learn the technological skills to create an independent media company, and the willpower to keep at this for decades.

It’s time for yogis who are warriors to set powerful intentions before LSD use, dive deep into their soul, and share that love with the world. 



Anti-Drug Trolls


Everyone has the inherent and absolute right to experiment with their own consciousness as they please. That is TRUTH that no government, laws, or trolls can change that truth. This isn’t a matter perspective, it’s the reality of the objective universe we live in. My response to the gurus, the “natural high” crowd, religious idiots, old guard, people who’ve had a bad trip, cowards, and the yuppies is:

Fuck what the government says. Fuck what the man says. Fuck what you say. Hit up your hippy friend, take a tab, start to move, listen to one of the albums listened above, and we’ll see how much of a hater you are.