Instagram Bots Can Save Yoga

Standing as a hierarchical force against the evolution of yoga, the gatekeeping yogalebrities of Instagram's power is set in STONE. Fighting and removing follow bots on Instagram's part increased this power, by making it near impossible for any grassroots yogis to perform vertical mobility with their message on Instagram. Two options remain for revolutionary yogis,

  1. Exist in obscurity
  2. Sell out to the content norms, aesthetic look, and companies of the top influencers.

Almost every single major influencer (exceptions listed below) are posting content based off of making money, recycling old content/ideas, and not rocking the boat. In the video portion of this presentation, I'll do an objective analysis of the top yoga influencers content, and compare it to a rubric of what real solutions look like. If you read every post, watched every video, and went to the workshops of the top 250 yoga influencers, you would be no closer to real enlightenment.

What is real enlightenment? A good starting place is having a mastery of

  1. Hatha (8 limbs), Raja (royal yoga), and Bhakti yoga (devotional yoga.)
  2. The four western arts of divination: Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, and Kabbalah.
  3. A decent knowledge of philosophy, psycho-analytical thought, and critical theory,
  4. Maintaining a relationship of sacred reciprocity with nature which you cultivate daily.
  5. Building the communication, social, and life skills to spread what you've learned to help others.

We haven't even transcended out of the third limb of yoga yet in the community! Why doesn't every influencer post pranayama videos everyday? Who posts the step by step preparatory skills, and methods to perform chakra meditation? At this rate, it will take us another 250 years to hit a point where Raja and Bhakti yoga practices are talked about!

Instagram needs the influencers who are in power, to stay in power, as if the grassroots solutions below were implemented, a mass exodus would occur away from Instagram. A movement toward personal websites, in-person donation based classes/workshops, and holistic forms of social media would happen if even a couple of solutions became wide spread. However, how can those solutions be spread, without the power of Instagram bots? Most influencers used bots, bought followers, and used services to grow their channel to get where they are today. Now, with the money they've made from those decisions, they can afford to buy advertising to further continue the cycle.

Now that Instagram bots are gone its up to us to become the new yoga media.

Positive Figures in Yoga


As a quick interlude, here are some positive figures in yoga who are contributing to the evolution of yoga. Pointing out a bunch of people who aren't doing anything, and not giving credit where credit is do is just trolling.


Simon Borg Olivier - - Simon is a revolutionary when it comes asana and pranayama. Long gone are the days of stretching as hard as you can, and traditional vinyasa flow sequences.

Matthew Sweeney - Matthew has modified and created sequences to balance out some of the harsher elements of Ashtanga and solar based yoga. He also has a beautiful free ebook here titled "The Relationship Between Asana and Yoga"

Gregor Maehle - - Gregor is one of the best teachers in the world when it comes to the 8 limbs of yoga. His books on pranayama, yoga meditation, and samadhi are essential for any yogis.


Solutions to Yoga's Problems.


Heal Worldview: Most people doubt that the yoga community and the world can be change. Typical lines such as "You can't change people", "man is inherently evil," "we have no chance against the control system" are told to anyone trying to make a real change. We've been apart of cycles of abuse for too long, and forgot the playful nature of the universe, and the light we can manifest. Without this axiomatic solution implemented by most yogis, no progress will be made in transforming the yoga community into a vessel to change the world.

Change Quality of Attention: Developing the attention span and willpower to maintain a spiritual practice for years, read hard philosophical texts, and spread creative messages to evolve yoga require total commitment. Much like a professional athlete, every decision a revolutionary yogi makes, needs to be for the betterment of the movement. The company you keep, food you eat, music you listen to, amount of sleep you get, etc. must be for the highest good of all.

Develop True Present Moment Awareness: The yogi community has this down pretty well, but has also fallen into the trap of not learning chakra meditation, and instead getting sucked into mindfulness meditation. Dharana comes before Dhyana for a reason, but 99% of people who are meditating hop right to mindfulness mediation. Much like drugs, all Dhyana meditation does is make you more of who you are. Yes, you can fix some character flaws, but the rapid ascension toward enlightenment is cut off.

Change Diet: A poor diet reduces the amount of energy and clarity an individual can put toward spiritual enlightenment. However, dogma surrounding diets are killing the yoga community. The dialectical war between meat-eaters and plant based individuals is a non-issue.  A vegan diet is not for everyone. A paleo diet is not for everyone. But, ending slaughter houses and commercial agriculture is a solution everyone can agree upon. Transitioning people to a plant based diet, or a meat eating diet where the sources are derived from hunting or local farms will be a huge first step toward a more holistic world.

Detach From Monetary System: Yoga is a multi-billion dollar industry, and corporations have taken over every sphere of yoga including people starting out. The amount of multi-level affiliate marketing for products we don't need in yoga is scary. Beginning yogis get sucked right into the money game as soon as they start. Seeing influencers living a beach lifestyle doesn't help either. Corporate yoga studios are also a huge problem. Running donation based studios that are tax-free or close to tax-free can happen. Same with online classes. Money is an illusion, government doesn't exist, and global enlightenment is not possible in a monetary system based on lack.

Non-Support of Dominators: The obedience of hierarchy still plagues yoga. Two thousand years of yogis reaching enlightenment did nothing to end the caste system. It did nothing to end the suffering in India. Millions of people maybe became enlightened, but in the long run, it did nothing for the community at large. In my Guru Free course, I am going to attack this topic head on with hundreds of articles and videos.

Use of Entheogens in Conscious Context: Psychedelic drugs used in a responsible matter can change the community fast. Read my post on Yoga and LSD for more info!

Positive Thinking: This ties into worldview healing, once momentum starts to build in the movement, positive thinking will enable huge intuitive and imaginative leaps to occur in the minds of those tapped into the universal flow.

Help Others Awaken: Most important of all, we need everyone to share their unique gift to help advance a movement toward non-violence. This is where the yoga community is falling flat on its face. Certain individuals or pockets are implementing the above solutions. But, until everyone gets involved to spread the message yoga will remain in a malignant state.