Conscious Yoga Podcast Ep: 5 – The “My Enlightenment” Movement


The number one threat to the yoga and spiritual world is the “My Enlightenment” movement. Forever searching to fill an empty void in their soul, the my enlightenment movement consists of yogis, those entrenched in the new age, corporate employees looking to escape, gurus, hipsters, hippies, suburban moms, and even those closest to us. Showing up to daily spiritual disciplines, confronting your real shadow, admitting your past ideas were wrong, and finishing the heroes journey is a grueling and lifelong task.

Getting stoned, going to festivals, reading pseudo pop spiritual books, going 125% at hot yoga, blowing your brain cells out with Wim Hof, spending a month at a retreat, talking about your depression on Instagram, never searching for truth, and rehashing all the same stuff everyone else is saying are typical actions of those in the my enlightenment movement. None of these actions are wrong, but the intent behind the actions determine the merit. Are we trying to move inward or outward with these activities?

In this podcast, Ian Cattanach will define the roots and current state of the movement, discuss why enlightenment is not easy, use Jungian, Rankian, and Freudian psychoanalytic thought to break down the concept of the shadow and the false self, deconstruct the rampant collectivism in the movement, and conclude with a commentary on grassroots solutions.

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