Conscious Yoga Podcast Ep 4: Yoga’s War on The Ego


What is the ego? Should you lose or abolish your ego like most yoga and new age philosophy push? Why are cultures that propagate the idea of getting rid of the ego always the most controlled and enslaved? In episode number four, Ian Cattanach argues you should do the opposite and build your ego! Most people associate the ego with the bad parts of our character. The jerk at work who is arrogant, mean, condescending and talks too much about himself is has an ego. We break down the real definition of the ego stemming from Latin in this episode, and see that the ego is your whole-self and personality. Do you want to lose your honesty, courage, and personality on your spiritual journey? Well, on the path of no ego all those have to go! Yoga’s war on the ego is a dangerous idea, that has hurt many more people than it’s helped. There are many techniques to become less angry, controlling, arrogant and imbalanced. So why not get rid of negative character flaws and build a strong sense of self in other areas? What is the point of playing a weak character? Those who abolish their ego too much become fragmented and weak characters. The thesis of this podcast is: EXPERIENCE MORE OF LIFE — NOT LESS