Quick Bio-Hack to Rise Early for Yoga

Sleep! Dream! Lucid dream and create! Do anything but become sleep deprived!

In yoga, there will be endless debate about lifestyle habits and how to perform asana (types of yoga sequences.)

There will never be any agreement on the right way to do meditation, pranayama, ways to approach the practice (mindset), and larger meaning of yoga.

Sleep is a less heated debate. Sure, a lot of top yogis claim that they sleep 4-5 hours a night, however, that will catch up to them in some way eventually (adrenal fatigue, injuries, metabolic syndromes, and a decrease in brain function.)

Most dedicated yogis practice somewhere between 4am-8am. We connect to the idea that if we perform our spiritual practice first, the rest of our day will be smoother.

However, yogis are not superhuman and have commitments such as a career, kids, a relationship etc.

Instead of looking for elegant solutions, most yogis try and power their lack of sleep through with more caffeine, naps, and extreme will power.

So whats the best why to hack our sleep?

Wear the funky glasses that you will get made fun of for!



Blue Yoga Simulation (Original Poem) –

Filter reality-

render the dim

blue program

created today

down into darkness.


Dream social horizons

beyond cities, governments and seperation.


Dream before the simulation starts

again, tomorrow morning

as you step on your mat. 


Nerd out to Pass out!

Blue light is great for us in the day. The sun gives out powerful rays that make us alert and energized. However, until modern times when the sun went down humans went to bed. Now, florescent lights and screens can be turned on at any hour of the night and it’s screwing with our sleep!

Less sleep, less REM and deep sleep, eye strain, memory loss and less energy are all consequences of blue light at night.

There are plenty of studies like this one that connect blue light to sleep issues. Research more and you will go down a rabbit hole.

Even with all the science backing it, most people will never take blue light seriously. First of all, what would your spouse, family, kids or roommates think if you walked around in those glasses?

Who cares what they think! This is about improving your yoga practice. Turning the mind off is important, and waking up still tired is the worst feeling in the world. With the popularity of glasses now, they are even making very fashionable pairs!



Flux isn’t enough

There is a website called Flux that creates an orange tint on your computer when the sun goes down. Flux is a good start, however, it doesn’t remove all of the blue light and isn’t anywhere as effective as glasses.

The best program I have come across to filter light on the computer is called Iris.

It is $15 for a lifetime subscription or $2 a month. The science behind it is top of the line, and it also has cool features like reminding you to take screen breaks.

For android and iPhone users, many phones have a blue light blocking feature now, however, like flux it still isn’t refined to 100%



What are the best blue light blocking glasses?

Aside from screens, blue light glasses also block the junk light from light bulbs. Around two hours before I go to bed, I put on my glasses and it makes a world of difference. You will surprised how tired you get.

The best part is that good glasses can be cheap! My favorite glasses are the UVEX glasses which are $8.49 on amazon. 

Swammies are more expensive, but are also a really good company and are more fashionable. 

The bonus hack in this article is a quick discussion on red light blocking glasses as seen in the YouTube video. To take it to the next level you can get glasses to block all blue light and red light (also $8.99.) 

I use these in the last twenty minutes before bed when I journal and do some light reading. Red light blockers really help you get to sleep fast. You can also use them twenty minutes before a mid-day nap!

Last but not least are computer glasses, for if you’re having trouble with headaches, eye strain or focus at work. These glasses block anywhere from 30-50% of blue light, but don’t look noticeably yellow. They range from $10-50 dollars. I got a pair of Prospeks and rock them at work, while on the computer and at school.

In the future, there will be plenty of more yoga bio-hacks on the site. However, getting a pair of glasses is cheap and can help your yoga practice in more than one way.

Funky yogis with glasses will be the next social media trend… Trust me 😉