A Yogi’s Creed

“He is problematic, misogynistic and militant” “- A yoga blogger on Edward Abbey

Today’s post is a creed for all my independent yogis out there, based off an essay by Edward Abbey titled “A Writer’s Credo.” You’re the linchpin for the evolution of the yoga community. The unique content you can offer, can make the yoga hacks bombarding us with endless asana photos obsolete. You can reverse the evil forces projecting us toward more violence, and help change the world! Let me know what you think in the comments! Thoughts on Edward Abbey? If you want a copy of the essay, shoot me a message and i’ll send it your way! Peace!


Quote read in the post:

“This is what I tell the young. Call it one yogis’s credo:
Ignore the yoga community. Ignore the commercial hustlers. Disregard those best-selling yoga paperbacks on amazon. Waste no time applying for gifts and grants—when we want money from the rich we’ll take it by force.
A yoga career should be not a career but a passion. A life. Fueled in equal parts by anger and love. How do we feel one without the other? Each implies the other. A yogi without passion is like a body without a soul. Or what would be even more grotesque, like a soul without a body.
There is a middle way between subserving the mass market and pandering to our sjw yoga community. You do not have to write endless disquisitions about trump and slaughterhouses while pursuing a life in bali. You do not need to take endless asana photos.
You do not need to be analyzed, psychoanalyzed, Rotfed, e-s-t-ed, altered, gelded, neutered, spayed, fixed, acupunctured, Zenned, Yogied, New Aged, astrocharted, computerized, mega-trended, androgynized, evangelized, converted or even, last and least, to be reborn.
One life at a time, please.”