2020 Vision and Focus of Savvy Zen

For the year of 2020, I have chosen to make Savvy Zen’s primary focus around creativity. The exact focus word is “Creative Genius.” Yoga has enough Instagram fluff, people circle jerking around their gurus, basic asana breakdowns, and the same re-hashing of the same old stuff. Savvy Zen will provide the opposition to the yoga clone content flooding yoga studio’s and the internet. Every single aspect of the arts and humanities will be synthesized with yoga, and created to help evolve yoga into a functioning personal development system.

Yoga’s anti-intellectual attitude produces people who feel good, but lack the substance and drive to create real change in the world. A change which will elevate not just higher consciousness, but establish the critical thinking skills to implement real solutions. Not post-yoga or post-weed solutions which sail off into the ether. Yoga’s ability to transform mind and body helps tens of millions of people each year. But, how many great artists praise yoga? Thousands of artists (of all kinds) praise Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and other major religions every year as the motivating force for their work.

Great artists and celebrities do yoga, and sometimes praise the benefits they receive from it. But, how many are quoting Patanjali and immersed into yoga beyond asana? Almost none!

As a novelist, poet, speaker, researcher, critical theorist, yoga teacher, podcaster, filmmaker, and student of the creative process, my goals are to release a large format creative piece within all of these areas this year. My aim is to lead from the front, by creating yoga centered and influenced works.

The main three projects I will focus on are my novella, Guru Free non-fiction course/book, and creating the best website in yoga for alternative information regarding yoga.

Becoming more consistent on Savvy Zen will be the primary focus this year. I am going to be posting daily content, recording daily videos, releasing more yoga classes, and dominating the yoga podcast world by the end of this year.  There will also be website renovations and editing of old articles!

The novella, which will be released in early September, will surround a character entrenched in the psychedelic dark side of yoga. Showing his ascent, descension, and re-ascension will probe into the shadow side of yoga, and offer a form of narrative repair for those who’ve experienced it.

Guru Free: From Darkness to Freedom, will be released/finished near the end of 2020, will be a free course which will have over a hundred articles and videos. A book cataloging the articles and some original content will be released by the end of the year also.

I am going to be relentless this year. Yoga will be deconstructed. Solutions will be offered. No groups or individuals are safe. Praise will be given to those who deserve it. Psycho-analysis and breakdowns of marketing and manipulation techniques will be used for those who deserve it.

2020 is going to be an awesome year. Contact me if you are willing to co-create content that will evolve yoga, and push the limitations that the yoga world is stuck in. Stay tuned! By the time you read this, my best work will have already been posted.